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Mzansi House Vol. 7

Mzansi House Vol. 7

Kid Fonque. Jazzuelle. Mig Madiq & Nuno Estevez. Kat La Kat.

HAR201801. 16th March 2018.

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House Afrika again shine a light on the most exciting suppliers of deep, South Africa-centric sounds in the latest ‘Mzansi House’ series.

Stepping up to the plate with their superb grooves are spinners Jazzuelle, whose excellent debut album ‘Circles’ landed on the same label last year; Kid Fonque, a classy and eclectic spinner who currently kills Sunday evenings on 5fm with his Selective Styles radio show; Kat La Kat, a DJ revered for weaving complex stories out of a selection of tracks (and an internationally revered producer); and Mig Madiq and Nuno Estevez, the founders of respected record label Just Move Records and DJs renowned for their unique take on fresh house music.

Jazzuelle follows up his revered ‘Circles’ album from last year (originally released on Germany’s Get Physical label and released in Mzansi through House Afrika) with another collab-heavy collection. Where ‘Circles’ featured Da Capo, Charles Webster and many more, this set – subtitled ‘Rebirth’ – contains work made in tandem with new school local talent like Fka Mash and Dwson, and international heavyweights Lars Behrenroth and Jonny Miller. It’s another great summation of the producer’s tech-heavy take on atmospheric house.

Kid Fonque’s storied career stretches back a couple of decades, but it’s only recently that the DJ/producer is seeing his due with acclaim for his excellent Stay True Sounds label and his ground-breaking Selective Styles radio show on 5fm. His set here comprises plenty of material from the Stay True roster – Fka Mash, Ta-Ice, Dwson – and Kid Fonque’s own material, including his hook-ups with The Twilight Child, Khensy, Jonny Miller and Daev Martian, and his rkls project alongside the UK-based D-Malice. His ‘High Output’ mix may move at a house tempo, but it incorporates elements – from tech and soul to afro and jazz – that make Kid Fonque the country’s most inventive and eclectic spinner.

Mig Madiq and Nuno Estevez run the lauded Just Move Records label. Highlighting their adept A&R talents, their selection is comprised entirely of JMR originals from the likes of Shervaan Bergsteedt, Thorne Miller and Chris Sen, Eddvin, Rephlex, Splancnic, Mathais G, Muskidd, Ricardo Rodrigues and the label owners themselves. Featuring vocals by Ben Werchohlad and MsKelle. It’s a breezy, jazzy set with bright tones, but one that sums up the label’s subtle and minimal ethos perfectly.

Last but by no means least is Kat La Kat’s ‘Inception’ mix, which closes us out with a showcase of all original material, including partnerships with Dwson, Aquatone, Dzebetse and Sir Rizio. It’s an exquisite exercise in deep and restrained sonics that enthralls as much as it invites one to dance, and a very timely full-length that reveals just how talented and entrenched Kat La Kat is as a music maker.

Clocking in at five hours and laced with quality, ‘Mzansi House 7’ is an essential study of the deep South’s best dance sounds – one that you’ll have on loop for the rest of 2018.

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