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Mzansi House Vol. 5

Mzansi House Vol. 5

Beebar. Gaba Cannal. DJ Sonic. Stagz Jazz.

HAR201702. 24th March 2017.

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The ‘Mzansi House’ series spotlights the hottest producers operating in an increasingly crowded South African house scene, and – as always with House Afrika – they find the cream that’s rising to the top.

This latest volume features four mixes from the country’s brightest beat-makers, Gaba Cannal, DJ Sonic, Beebar and Stagz Jazz.

Kicking off the four-disc collection with a mix titled ‘Differences’ is Khaka Yena aka Gaba Cannal from Katlehong. Already lauded in the AmaPiano scene, this mix of ten of his original tracks shows remarkable breadth, dealing in slow jazzy atmospheres, echoes of Afrobeat and long, beat-less sections that build a beautiful tension. It’s little wonder his star is on the rise – this is stellar work.

DJ Sonic, real name Sonwabo Kaizer Thusi, is a resident of Emdeni in Soweto, and he moves the tempo and energy up a little on the second mix here, subtitled ‘New Breeze’. He also brings in a bunch of guest singers – Paul B., Rethabile – to lend his warm rhythms even more emotional texture.

Having remixed Cuebur and been remixed by Kid Fonque and D-Malice, Beebar is a dynamite prospect, and his selection, dubbed ‘The Awakening’, is the most hypnotic here. It’s full of clipped, repeating chord passages and excellent sci-fi effects, but it’s not scared to dip into lush synth sweeps or a sax solo. Township tech at its best.

Finally, if it’s song-based deep house you’ve come for, Stagz Jazz’s ‘Genesis’ mix has you covered. Limpopo-based Thapelo Selahle creates great, dramatic soundscapes for a variety of vocalists to populate with their ecstatic lyrics. It’s a fine-send off for a superb compilation.

Disc 1: Gaba Cannal – Differences
01. Gaba Cannal – Heaven On Earth (Main Mix)
02. Gaba Cannal – Stereo Soul (Main Mix)
03. Gaba Cannal – Mwini Mowari (Main Mix)
04. Gaba Cannal – Forgive & Forget (Main Mix)
05. Gaba Cannal – Steels & Stones (Main Mix)
06. Gaba Cannal – Tech Me Out (Main Mix)
07. Gaba Cannal & Da Muziqal Chef – Thendai (Main Mix)
08. Gaba Cannal & Master Jay – Ndiphendule Thixo (Main Mix)
09. Gaba Cannal – Play Me A Song (Main Mix)
10. Gaba Cannal – Throw Back (Main Mix)

Disc 2: DJ Sonic – New Breeze
01. Dj Sonic feat. Paul B – Drifting (Original Mix)
02. Dj Sonic feat. Rethabile – Some Day (Original Mix)
03. Dj Sonic feat. Pule Strings – Feeling Lonely (Original Mix)
04. Dj Sonic feat. Peter Trump – Ogororo (Original Mix)
05. Dj Sonic – Day Light (Original Mix)
06. Dj Sonic feat. Paul B – Breeze (Original Mix)
07. Dj Sonic – Katlego Lounge (Original Mix)
08. Dj Sonic feat. Qwabekazi & Rethabile – Coming Back (Original Mix)
09. Dj Sonic – Cariba (Original Mix)
10. Dj Sonic & Andile – Love Lady (Original Mix)

Disc 3: Beebar – The Awakening
01. Beebar – X Files Resurrections (Just Bee Mix)
02. Beebar – 30 La Monique (Just Bee U Mix)
03. Beebar – Worlds Apart (Original Mix)
04. Beebar – Hey (Just Bee Mix)
05. Beebar – Don’t Forget Me (Original Mix)
06. Beebar – Life (Original Mix)
07. Beebar – Evolution (Original Mix)
08. Beebar – 27 Streets (Original Mix)
09. Beebar – Deep Within (Just Bee U Mix)
10. Beebar – Seabe Sa Majatladi (Original Mix)
11. Beebar – Don’t Stop (Just Bee U Mix)

Disc 4: Stagz Jazz – Genesis 
01. Stagz Jazz feat. Motlatsi – Your Love
02. Ultimo Numero & Stagz Jazz feat. Motlatsi – Sek’phelile (Stagz Jazz Remix)
03. Stagz Jazz feat. Silo – Still Believe
04. Stagz Jazz feat. Victor – Let Me Be
05. Stagz Jazz feat. Juda Bloq – Ask No Questions, Hear No Lies
06. Urban Musique feat. Phila – Forward (Stagz Jazz Remix)
07. Stagz Jazz feat. P Tempo – Walk My Way
08. Stagz Jazz feat. Willowz – Believe
09. Stagz Jazz – Yara
10. Stagz Jazz – Across Galaxies

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